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Joy Gibson

Development Manager

Over 15 years of professional leadership leading multi-million-dollar fundraising

initiatives, capital campaigns, cultivating multi-level donors, coaching and

facilitating across a spectrum of nonprofits, grassroot campaigns and local politics.

Her communication skills have been effective in branding organizations and individuals. Her ability to lead strategic assessments and build key relationships among political, organizational and community leaders have resulted in increasing key resources in communities of color.

Joy has been active in social justice and grassroots advocacy since her college days at Michigan State University. While working in state government and U.S

Congress, she saw firsthand how policies and legislation continue to deconstruct

communities of color. This realization stirred up her passion for justice in every form. She lent this passion to statewide campaigns and managed local campaigns to elect racially conscious candidates, including her own bid for the Florida State Senate in 2018.

Understanding the role of nonprofits to have a greater impact on the economic status of communities of color, she stepped into the role of building capacity in nonprofit organizations.

Some of her most memorable work was acknowledged by the Arab Community Center for Economical Social Services (ACCESS) for her role in the multi-million-dollar campaign to institutionalize the history and contributions of Arab Americans through the nation’s first Arab American National Museum. She continues to work closely with organizations representing immigrants and black and brown people to further advance marginalized communities.

Joy currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and five kids. She is an active member of several organizations and founding member of Momniche Inc., a nonprofit established to direct self-care resources to women.

Joy Gibson 
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