Keep Parents and Newborns Together in Critical Hours after Birth 

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Birth Detroit and Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA) believe that parents and newborns should not be separated and the risk of COVID-19 infection should be minimized in ways that support bonding and attachment. Despite recent guidance from national and international public health organizations, some Metro Detroit hospitals are separating people who test positive for COVID-19 from their babies immediately after birth. This means people are not being allowed to have skin-to-skin contact with and breastfeed their newborn babies in the critical first hours after birth. It also costs health systems more money to provide nursing care for the infants who are separated.


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Birth Justice Agenda

Birth justice is the human right to a safe and respectful birth experience.

This includes our rights to bodily autonomy, the power to make choices,

and access to midwifery care. Birth Detroit believes that all people deserve access to all safe birth options. Our mission is to midwife safe, quality, loving care through pregnancy birth and beyond. We envision a world where birth is safe, sacred, loving and celebrated for everyone.

Our values are Safety, Love, Trust and Justice.


Birth Justice Community Conversation

Join us as we envision a better future for all birthing people at The State of Birth Justice gathering. During this event, we will discuss plans to take action on policies that promote a safer space for all birthing people in Michigan. The State of Birth Justice is a partnership between Birth Detroit, Elephant Circle, and Mothering Justice with the generous support of SisterSong. Click here to learn more

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