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Capital Campaign 

Detroit Needs a Birth Center

We are raising $4,000,000 to buy land, build, and open the first Black-led birth center in Detroit, Michigan. This birth center will provide safe, quality, loving care through pregnancy, birth and beyond to the Detroit community. Led by Black-women and shaped by community voices, Birth Detroit will provide loving maternal and infant health in our communities. It will also be a first of its kind in our country, operating with a shared leadership model and community organizing approach that is rooted in deep equity and meaningful partnerships. Lead with Us.

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Detroit Needs a Birth Center!

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K. Aranmolate

Brittany August

Anitra Austin

Kylie Baker

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P. Barnes-McConnell

Anna Belc

Bump Birth Doula

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Andrea Daly

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Stephanie & Robert Christensen

Kristen Cibulskis

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Future home of

Birth Detroit birth center 

8575 Heritage Place, Detroit Michigan 48204