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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Birth & COVID-19 Resources for Birthing People & Families

The mission of Birth Detroit is to midwife safe, quality, loving care through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Our values are safety, love, trust, and justice. We are a volunteer team of birth workers, birth advocates and public health workers planning Detroit’s first community birth center. We do not have a birth center or clinic yet, but we do see the fear and concern growing in our communities around coronavirus (COVID-19), pregnancy and birth. In the spirit of both loving care and concern for our communities, and care and support for provider partners doing their best in this crisis, we offer the following information and resources. Last updated 3.29.20.

Please visit Birth and COVID-19 for Birthing People & Families for more information.

Birth Detroit hosted a Facebook Live session on Saturday, March 21, 2020, to share information, resources and tips for having the best birth experience possible at this difficult time. The session is available for viewing on our Facebook page. Also on our Facebook page, you can find a link to a video message from Midwife Jennie Joseph.

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